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Began Treatment

I began the treatment on Nov. 7th 2005 for a serious skin condition. I was very skeptical about the success of the treatment (because I had already tried several different treatments in the past). Today, I can confirm a considerable improvement in my skin condition. Many of the sore areas have healed completely, dry layers of skin have shed, and other skin patches look and feel much better.

100% Improvement

Within two months, the severe skin condition on my stomach improved 100%, and is now completely cleared up. There is also considerable improvement on my legs, about 80% better. The new skin is even in color and texture, with only a barely visible remnant of my former problem.

An EdenSkin Winter

Every Winter I have an outbreak of inflamed skin. Last winter, while using the EdenSkin preparation, I experienced considerable improvement in the condition, no inflammation developed.

An Amazing Product

This is an amazing product! I’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked this well. The itching stopped in hours, and the dry skin started healing in just a few days. I’m telling everyone I know about this.

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